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Patient SMS is a fast and cost-effective way to send appointment reminders to patients, thereby increasing you patient attendance rate whilst reducing your staff's work load. Patient SMS is a free plugin program to your existing appointment software especially designed for the medical and healthcare industry. It can be installed on any computer, server or office network.

Patient SMS Medical Appointment Reminders.


With Patient SMS you can choose from sending SMS reminders to patients and / or Email reminders to patients. Email reminders are completely free to send! However you can choose to turn off email reminders so that only SMS reminders are sent to patients. Both SMS and emails can be sent to patients to remind them of appointments or recalls.

Patient SMS Medical Appointment Reminders.


No need to change your practice management software. Patient SMS plugs simply and seamlessly into your existing practice management software. Behind the scenes it retrieves all of the appointments and recalls scheduled in your software and sends out SMS and/or Email reminders on a daily basis.

Patient SMS Medical Appointment Reminders.

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