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    Send SMS Appointment Reminders To Your Patients Directly From iSOFT practiX Software

How Does It Work?
Our program seamlessly plugs into your existing iSOFT practiX Software at your office. Each day it retrieves the appointment information from HCN PracSoft and instantly sends out the appointment reminders to your patients by SMS and or Email (whichever you prefer).

What does it cost to use this plugin?
There are NO annual costs or contact fees and email reminders are free to send! The only cost is the cost per SMS reminder that is sent. The cost for this is 20 cents per SMS that is successfully sent to the patient. Therefore to purchase 1000 SMS the cost would be $200.

What system specifications do I need to run PatientSMS?
PatientSMS will work on any computer, server or office network. You do not need to have specific software or hardware installed for PatientSMS to work.

Can I have SMS reminders only?
Yes. You can choose to utilise the SMS sending feature by itself of accompanied by the email sending feature also.

What software does PatientSMS work with?
PatientSMS is designed to work with any appointment or practice management software.

How do I buy or "top up" our SMS credit?
You can buy more SMS credit simply by log in into your billing portal (click on the "login" button at the top of this page). You can purchase anywhere between 100 – 100,000 SMS at a time.  Once purchased, these SMS credits never expire and remain on your account until used up.
If all of your SMS credits have been used up, the SMS reminders will stop being sent out to patients until you purchase more credit.
When your credit is running low you will be emailed a notification reminding you to purchase more SMS credit and with a website link to where you can easily do this via a secure credit card payment area.  However at any time, you can purchase more credit through your “billing portal”.

Does PatientSMS send "recall" reminders to patients?
Yes. PatientSMS is designed so that it will send 2 different types of reminders to patients - Appointment reminders and Recall reminders.

How much do the email reminders cost?
Email reminders are completely free when accompanied by SMS reminders.

How do I install/plugin PatientSMS?
The installation process is simple and quick, taking only approximately 20 minutes to set up on your office computer or server with iSOFT practiX Software. To install PatientSMS, simply contact us via the contact page of this website and we will arrange a time to come out and do the installation.

How does it work?
PatientSMS is a standalone program which simply plugs into any practice management/appointment management software. Once it is installed on the computer or server at your office, it interfaces with your practice management software seamlessly behind the scenes.   It finds all the appointments and sends an SMS and/or email reminders to all patients at a particular time of the day prior to their appointments.

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